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About Us

Brilliant Trees is a Belgian band created in January 2014 on the initiative of Valérie Cooreman, author, composer and bassist. At first, it is a trio made up of singer Magali Roba, guitarist Olivier Degraux and Valérie Cooreman on bass. Lau Seys joins them in the studio for the drums. In 2016, Patrice de Matos replaced Olivier Degraux and Nicolas Sancinito became their drummer during the recording of The Hole. In October 2018, the album Running Ragged was released. It was then that drummer Brice Prevel joined the band in place of Nicolas Sancinito. A third album "About Time" is about to be released in 2022: there is now a solid line up that ensures this new work: Valérie Cooreman (bass), Brice Prevel (drums), Sébastien Bernon (guitars), and Massimo Gurrieri (new voice)!

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